A Flu Vaccine with a Microchip Tattoo

Definitely not for me, and hopefully not for you…By Taylor Van Arsdale This piece has no bearing on the efficacy of vaccines. Whether you’re a ‘vaxxer’ or ‘anti-vaxxer’ is of


R.I.P. Eddie Money

I had the great fortune to meet Eddie Money at the 2nd Annual MTV Awards at Universal. I’ve posted an excerpt of that meeting from my book Cocaine To Bain


Never Forget

I am a New Yorker: This is a poem that I saw online and it resonated with me. Never Forget. 9/11   I am a New Yorker I may no


Great Review of Cocaine To Bain

When you’re an author it’s sometimes difficult to know just how your words affect people. You wonder if you’re having an impact, if people are enjoying your work. Today I

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