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So the “fret” in question here is not a guitar fret. It’s my dear friend, writer Amy Sommer’s blog, Fret For Hire. She is a married, mother of three and she writes about her life, her children–typical angst and a Mother’s woes (hence the fretting) but always with a spin and snarkiness uniquely her own.

In a previous life, Amy was an independent film producer with a focus on documentary fare. Amongst her credits the Academy-Award Nominated documentary WACO: The Rules of Engagement. She worked for Maury Povich at A Current Affair, and as a magazine journalist–with me for a time–at an office that was simultaneously insane and hilarious. Working with Amy, and laughing with her, is a job I count as one of the best I ever had.

She continued writing and when she originally started Fret For Hire, it was a way to write about her neurosis–chronic worrying. However about a year ago, Amy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Since then she has been incorporating information about the disease, and its effect on her life, into her blog.

My grandfather suffered from Parkinson’s and I confess I was too young to fully understand his situation. Amy writes with such candor that I find myself being brought back in time, comprehending finally what my grandfather must have been going through, and why some of the options he bypassed (such as Deep Brain Stimulation) in retrospect make complete sense.

Amy has a way of cutting to the nitty-gritty of her disease without ever shying away from the reality of her life and what it feels like to live in her shoes. Her most recent blog “Can’t Do” is a beautifully written piece in which she describes how others view her, and it addresses the misconceptions about Parkinson’s and about it’s progression.

Some of you had the pleasure of meeting Amy at my book release (as she was our most gracious and snarky hostess). I urge all of you to please take a moment, read her blog and sign up for it.



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