NYC 1984

There’s something about in the summertime that has always been a bit of a mystery to me. That acrid smell that hits you, the moment you step off the platform from Penn Station, the steam rising from places in the pavement, vendors hawking hot dogs on every corner, and a slight, yellow pallor that seems to infuse everything. In the summer of I took the train into the city and captured some images. You can see from the tone of these pictures—that tinge of yellow that permeated my youth. This is what looked like to me in 1984. It has a heaviness to it yet it always retains its sprit. Enjoy.

Looking towards Lower Manhattan. The in the Battery. Where the Hudson meets the East River. The Brooklyn Bridge is faint in the distance on the left. Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building are in the foreground.
A man leaps into a breakdance in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Fifth Avenue, New York.
Rockefeller Center’s —the art deco icon by Lee Laurie and Rene Chambellan.  630 Fifth Avenue, main entrance forecourt.
There But By the Grace of God.
Koch Sucks! (Graffiti, how people expressed their viewpoints before the advent of social media)
A view of the Plaza from Central Park. If anyone can identify the statue, bonus points.
Sunset on the Block.
Work Walkers.
Looking East between W.33rd Street and W. 34th Street to the Hudson River and Jersey. Madison Square Garden can be seen in the mid-left and Macy’s on the right.
The Pavilion “Tent of Tomorrow” and the “Sky Streak” saucers as seen from the L.I.E. while merging onto Grand Central Parkway.
by Plane.

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