Mysterious Monolith Appears in Woman’s Kitchen

By Taylor Van Arsdale

“I was making a cup of tea for myself, and I went to grab the honey and it was there,” said Taylor Van Arsdale, an award-winning author, who interviewed herself for this blog.

The small, suburban California kitchen is not a destination for world weary travelers or anyone for that matter since the mandatory Covid-19 lockdowns, so Van Arsdale was genuinely surprised to see the monolith when she woke this morning.

“It’s not as if anyone could have just walked in and did this.” she said. “I would have known. It’s just so odd. So disturbing and so very odd.”

Experts in the field agree that save for the size of it (a mere seven inches in height) the strange obelisk on Van Arsdale’s counter appears to be identical to the metal monolith recently found in Utah and also to the one that has appeared on a hillside in Romania, just meters away from a historic fortress.

“It’s not like I’m some kind of freakin’ metal artist. There’s no way I could have sculpted something like this. I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” Van Arsdale added.

Officials are taking the claim seriously. To date, there are no other reported sightings in area but they remain committed to investigating the strange structure which resembles a 3-pack of Bumble Bee tuna wrapped in tin foil.

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