Definitely not for me, and hopefully not for you…By Taylor Van Arsdale This piece has no bearing on the efficacy of vaccines. Whether you’re a ‘vaxxer’ or ‘anti-vaxxer’ is of no importance to the question I pose, which is not whether to get a vaccine or not, but rather, if a mandatory vaccine is approved by congress, and it is embedded with quantum tracking technology will we be permitted to[…]

There’s been a lot of conjecture lately on whether or not people have already had the coronavirus in December 2019 or January 2020. An article in USA Today quoted Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, saying “when we do look back…we will probably find that this disease was here earlier than we thought.” I think he may be onto something. Additionally I think social distancing is[…]

When you’re an author it’s sometimes difficult to know just how your words affect people. You wonder if you’re having an impact, if people are enjoying your work. Today I woke up to this lovely review from Latifah O’Gara. I don’t know her personally. She happened to read one of my blogs and was inspired to purchase the book and enjoyed the heck out of it. Thank you Latifah, this[…]

As women, we pride ourselves on having that one best friend that has been with us through thick and thin. We don’t imagine we could ever lose that bond, and when it does happen it’s devastating. Most childhood friendships endure up to college and then fizzle out. The one in which I’m writing about endured so many years—from childhood, through college, through long-distance, past two marriages and three children—and thus,[…]

There’s something about Manhattan in the summertime that has always been a bit of a mystery to me. That acrid smell that hits you, the moment you step off the platform from Penn Station, the steam rising from places in the pavement, vendors hawking hot dogs on every corner, and a slight, yellow pallor that seems to infuse everything. In the summer of 1984 I took the train into the city[…]

It seems like it’s all coming together. At least, that’s what it feels like. I woke up today to discover my novel, “Cocaine To Bain: Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Inside Story of the Hollywood Guitar Center” placed as one of two finalists in the 6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards – Memoir category. There was one winner and there were two finalists. I was one of them.[…]

So the “fret” in question here is not a guitar fret. It’s my dear friend, writer Amy Sommer’s blog, Fret For Hire. She is a married, mother of three and she writes about her life, her children–typical angst and a Mother’s woes (hence the fretting) but always with a spin and snarkiness uniquely her own. In a previous life, Amy was an independent film producer with a focus on documentary fare. Amongst her credits the Academy-Award[…]